Note: For Section VI. 5., see new Scholarship Fund proceedures 8/05/14 [pdf]

The entire handbook is 175 pages, so we’ve also made it available by section.

Section I: Introduction
The current mission statement, is in the strategic plan.
  1. Preface [pdf]
  2. Mission Statement [pdf]
Section II: Current Year Organizational Information
The most current information is on website, not in the handbook.
  1. Executive Council [pdf]
  2. Legislative Priorities [pdf]
  3. Budget [pdf]
  4. Schedule of Meetings [pdf]
Section III: Legal Papers
  1. Bylaws [pdf]
  2. Articles of Incorporation and Certificate of Incorporation [pdf]
  3. Bylaws, Scholarship Fund [pdf]
  4. Articles of Incorporation and Certificate of Incorporation for Scholarship Fund [pdf]
Section IV: Organization and Executive Council
  1. Organization of AkLA [pdf]
  2. Officers, Executive Board and Executive Council Members [pdf]
  3. Chapters of AkLA [pdf]
  4. Minichapters of AkLA [pdf]
  5. Roundtables of AkLA [pdf]
  6. Committees of AkLA [pdf]
  7. Federal Relations Coordinator [pdf]
  8. Alaska Library Association Agent [pdf]
  9. Affiliations [pdf]
  10. Archives [pdf]
Section V: Business of the Association
  1. Executive Council/Board Meetings [pdf]
  2. Annual Business Meetings [pdf]
  3. Elections [pdf]
  4. Membership Dues [pdf]
  5. Regular Budget Items [pdf]
  6. File Maintenance [pdf]
  7. Handbook of Procedures and Policies [pdf]
  8. Publications of AkLA [pdf]
Section VI: Current AkLA Activities
  1. Annual Conference [pdf]
  2. Continuing Education [pdf]
  3. Intellectual Freedom [pdf]
  4. Book Bonanza [pdf]
  5. Scholarship Fund [pdf] See new Scholarship Fund proceedures 8/05/14 [pdf]
  6. Awards [pdf]
  7. Honorary Members [pdf]
Section VII: Forms
  1. Membership Forms [pdf]
  2. Alaska Library Directory Form (deleted)
  3. Financial Forms [pdf]
  4. Candidate for Office Form [pdf]
  5. Sample Ballot [pdf]
  6. Sample Cover letter from President [pdf]
  7. Sample Complete Biographical Information Form [pdf]
  8. Sample Resolution Form [pdf]
Section VIII: Policies of AkLA
  1. Policies [pdf]
  2. Documents Adopted and/or Endorsed by the Association [pdf]
  1. The People of AkLA [pdf]